Family Therapy

happy family

Families are complex systems. Similar to our approach to couple’s therapy, in family therapy we regard the system (i.e., the family) as the client, rather than the individual family members. We’re not as invested in identifying and blaming any “bad guys” as we are in identifying what family dynamics and patterns are problematic. In fact, family members often find themselves locked in patterns or dynamics that have developed so very slowly over time that the family members are hardly aware of them – and hardly notice their own roles in them! That’s why an objective 3rd party (i.e., a family therapist) is so important. The therapist and family work together to identify and carry out noticeable, system-level change. The benefit of working with the full family is that positive changes tend to happen more rapidly – and negative behaviors/dynamics are remedied more quickly – with the effort and shared goals of multiple family members. 

Below is a list of some of the topics/challenges we’ve helped couples work through and/or change for the better:

  • Family dynamic issues
  • Family transitions (e.g., relocating, divorce, new baby, retirement)
  • Parenting adolescents
  • Creating routines and structure
  • Family coping with addiction, mental illness, and other challenges
  • Post-divorce co-parenting
  • Platonic co-parenting
  • Blended family dynamics
  • Parent-child-parent triangulation